Cholesterol Shot


HDL and LDL:

You should not be waiting around for a shot to control your blood cholesterol, since you might be hurting your health in the meantime. Control your intake of bad cholesterol, exercise, and don't believe every fad diet that substitutes high fat and protein for common sense.

Can a monthly injection reduce cholesterol levels in the blood?

Potential new era in high-cholesterol treatment, heart attack and stroke prevention.

Amgen introduced a new cholesterol shot that would be given monthly and reduce cholesterol levels. The injection of an experimental drug known as AMG145 had promising results in experimental studies. The ability to have an injectable cholesterol drug would make a large difference for patients with high cholesterol levels, given that 12 annual injections may be easier to administer than daily pills, which may be more expensive in the long run. In patients who received the shots, LDL levels dropped by as much as 63 percent, which is very significant since LDL is known as "bad cholesterol" and is a leading cause of heart disease. For patients who may have a hard time taking pills on a daily basis, or otherwise reducing their high-cholesterol diets, this treatment may provide an option that reduces the overall impact of heart disease on society.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Because this treatement is experimental, it may take some time to come into general use.